Bulking Diet Plan

Your bulking transformation depends on two things: eating at a calculated calorie surplus and eating healthy food. A ‘dirty bulk’ will add too much body fat and leave you feeling bloated.
Instead, aim to consume around 6 meals a day that pack in plenty of calories. We’ve provided plenty of options for each meal below, so mix and match to build yourself a diet that’ll help you quickly gain lean mass.
Add veggies such as tomatoes, celery and broccoli, to whichever meal you like.
Breakfast options – select one from the following list each day.
• 6 egg omelette with spinach (approx. 564 kcal)
• Large portion of granola, whole milk and sliced banana (approx. 750 kcal)
• 1 or 2 bagels with peanut butter (approx. 380/760 kcal)
• 2 Poached eggs, salmon and avocado (approx. 550 kcal)
Morning meal/snack options – combine these to increase calories if needed
• Progain flapjack (approx. 324 kcal)
• Progain extreme shake (600 kcal)
• Handful of almonds (approx. 92 kcal per serving)
• Apple with peanut butter (approx. 200 kcal)
• Small portion of chicken breast, tomatoes, celery and brown rice (approx. 450 kcal)
Lunch Options
• Double chicken breast, broccoli and rice (approx. 700 kcal)
• Salmon, sweet potatoes and sesame seeds (approx. 700 kcal)
• Chicken breast, salsa, brown rice and peppers (approx. 720 kcal)
• Vegetarian bean chili burritos (approx. 900 kcal)
• Tinned tuna, quinoa, avocado and broccoli (approx. 500 kcal)
Snack options (select 1 or 2 per day depending on calories)
• Dark chocolate (a single ounce is 153 kcal. Eat as much as your surplus allows)
• Mass gainer shake (approx. 600 kcal)
• Cup of mixed nuts (approx. 640 kcal)
• Beef Jerky (approx. 410 kcal)
Dinner options
• Tuna steak with olive oil, two sweet potatoes and quinoa (approx. 800 kcal)
• Sirloin steak, white rice and fried egg (approx. 950 kcal)
• Burger with lean beef, fries, white bread roll, cup of green beans (approx. 1450 kcal)
• Tuna, pasta and Bolognese sauce (approx. 600 kcal)
• Chili con carne with rolls of bread (approx. 700 kcal)
Example Day
Mixing up the meals above gives you a meal plan that can easily last 4 weeks. On a bulk, you can afford to have a few cheat meals – so don’t be afraid to experiment. Remember to add fruit and veggies almost at will – selecting berries and other low GI fruit to help up your calorie intake and get your 5 a day.
• 6 egg omelette with spinach (approx. 564 kcal)
Morning snack:
• Progain Extreme shake (600 kcal)
• Chicken breast, salsa, brown rice and peppers (approx. 720 kcal)
Post-workout snack:
• Protein shake with milk (approx. 200 kcal)
• Tuna steak with olive oil, two sweet potatoes and quinoa (approx. 800 kcal)
Total approx. 2884 kcal
The beauty of bulking is that you can be flexible with your foods. Just make sure you fit in plenty of protein and keep the fatty junk food down. Your bulking transformation will net much better results if you eat lots of clean food, as opposed to big portions of junk.