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So, what’s all the hype about Turkesterone ?

by Gagan Bajwa 16 Mar 2022
So, what’s all the hype about Turkesterone ?

You may have heard of Turkesterone but not sure what it is, does it work, and how can I use it to improve my muscle mass and recovery ?
Turkesterone belongs to a group of ecdysteroids - a naturally occurring steroid hormone found in arthropods and plants - food sources such as quinoa, spinach and yams. However you would need to eat around 4 kgs of spinach each day to see any benefit, and even Popeye couldn’t manage that.

There is still a lot of research around ecdysteroids, but there does seem to be evidence based benefits shown from Turkesterone including:
1. Increased lean muscle gain
2. Accelerated muscle recovery

3. Increased strength

1. Turkesterone has been shown to improve muscle mass by increasing muscle protein synthesis (MPS). Many users claim to have gained at least a few kilos, which is quite impressive for a natural lifter.
2. Not only does Turkesterone have the ability to raise MPS but it is likely to aid faster recovery. Many users have noted they are able to handle more workload and intensity whilst taking this.
3. This compound is said to improve lean muscle mass but also improve strength and power. During your cycle you can expect to see a significant increase in weight on compound lifts.

If you are planning to take Turkesterone (in conjunction with nutrition and training) you may benefit from a 6 to 12 week cycle, depending on our goals. If you are just starting it may be best to begin with a lower dose such as 250mg and increase to a dosage between 250 to 500mg and see how you go. Taking it a little longer may have further benefits as it can take some time to kick in.

Speak with the professionals at Supps247 who can guide you further along your pathway.

Side effects

Although there hasn’t been a lot of human research, overall testimonials have shown there to be no side effects from Turkesterone use. There is no evidence of liver or kidney toxicity on urinalysis or blood testing, and it does not impact on hormone levels.

On further questioning most users have reported an improvement within one week of commencement with sustained improvement over 12 weeks.

In conclusion

Turkesterone is currently not a banned substance and many people seem to have had great results from using it in terms of size and strength.

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