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what is Whey Protein Blend ?

by gagan bajwa 10 May 2020

Whey protein blend – low carb protein powders, the most popular choice for bodybuilders , helps in lean muscle growth

Whey Protein Blend can be used as meal replacement and also take after workout . You can Mix up protein with oats and cereal .

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If you’re new to the world of protein supplements, the number of choices can seem overwhelming, even just among varieties of whey. The good news is that any type of dietary whey protein can provide health benefits, ranging from improving your body composition to reducing your blood pressure levels. There are notable differences between whey isolates and whey blends, however, and learning more about each can help inform your supplement choice.

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A blended whey product may combine whey concentrate or isolate with another type of protein powder, or it may simply contain a combination of whey isolate and concentrate. Either way, whey blends usually contain a lower net percentage of protein than whey isolates and are more affordable. Because the common protein blend of whey and casein, the other main milk protein, can offer benefits that whey alone cannot provide.

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Casein is a slower-digesting protein than whey, so it may be more appropriate as an endurance exercise supplement or a dietary aid to promote satiety.

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