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Paul Jayllian

by gagan bajwa 09 Nov 2019
Paul Jayllian

Paul Jayllian – featured athlete of the month

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About me:

I’ve always had a fear of being average and just existing rather than living. I don’t know where it started or why I am like this but once I began going to the gym, as an 18 year old, I could tell that this was a way for me to carry around the lifestyle and work I put into my own self development both physically and mentally.

Like a living trophy of sacrifices and commitment towards my goals. It’s never been an ego thing either, some of the most motivating and inspiring people I know are not jacked or shredded and I don’t hold this above anything else as a means of success or status.

For me, this symbolises something I enjoy as a process rather than an outcome. I love experimenting, the journey, I want to master my craft, master the body and mind and the principles of how and why things happen to become the best athlete and coach I can be


Novice champion, All state champion, Victorian champion, Australian champion, FitX champion, Arnold classic champion
Victorian champion, Australian champion, Kahma classic champion, World champion

Paul Jayllian what is your Training Split?

Monday: Chest / Shoulders / Triceps

Tuesday: Upper Back / Biceps

Wednesday: Legs

Thursday: REST

Friday: Chest / Shoulders / Arms

Saturday: Hamstrings / Lats

Sunday: REST

Meal 1 – Beef Mince + Coconut Oil + Nuts + Sauerkraut + Fat burner

Meal 2 – Chicken + Rice + Beetroot + Dark Chocolate + Bcaa + Glutamine(Recovery)

INTRA – MTS Machine Carb10 + Ryse Up BCAA + EAA

Meal 3 – Cyborg Sports WPI + Cocoa Bombs + Multi vitamins

Meal 4 – Chicken + Sweet Potato

Meal 5 – Beef Mince + Olive Oil + Nuts

Meal 6 – Casein Protein + Blue Berries

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2020 is about developing my physique as well as my own brand

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Join gym and start training hard and hard and then decided to test myself on Stage .

What is your supplement Stack ?

Protein : 3 times a day

Fat burner : During cutting cycle

creatine : bulking season

Bcaa – I use for recovery and muscle building During Workout.

In your opinion, what is the most effective way to build muscle?

Progressive Overload in training & utilising Insulin Sensitivity and hiring coach who know about training and nutrition

Pizzaaaaa and klade Jayllian cooking .

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Be patient and enjoy the process otherwise and make journey of of your life best ever.

If you rush to the destination you will NEVER find happiness.

Its really Depend how you want score your success , You have to decide what make you happy .

How do you ensure you stick to your diet?

Gratitude. I enjoy the foods and plan my meals with all the important nutritions. Restriction is bad only when the restriction is misunderstood.One of the best way to plan your meals and understand the important of nutrition to health and Fitness

Too much of anything is negative, even healthy food. You must understand what you’re doing and why it is important so that you can enjoy it. I stick to my nutritional requirements because I am grateful for the opportunity to better myself and be healthy.

I am a man of commitment and when decide to stick on something and then I give 100% to myself . I always want to make my family , friends and my athletes proud of me.

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