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AKI Loupos sponsored athlete by Supps247

By Gagan Bajwa  •   2 minute read

AKI Loupos sponsored athlete by Supps247

Name – Aki Loupos

DOB - 23/05/1983

Achievement –
IFBB Victorian Champion Bodybuilding
IFBB Australian Runner Up Bodybuilding

Height - 165cm

Weight – Stage weight 74kg

What made you do bodybuilding ?
I began to going to the gym to get in shape, I found I had a passion for the sport. Then was encouraged by Paul Jayilian (Empire Fitness Rosebud) to compete, he could see the potential in me.


How you long u take prepare for your comp ?
Total cut began 14 weeks out, but spent most of the year trying to gain extra muscle tissue.

What do you find the hardest training or diet and why ?
• I struggled with either at different stages Training can become less enjoyable and more of a required task. Especially when not getting much food in, although it was the most enjoyable to challenge myself during this time.
• Dieting was ok for the most part, you tend to accept that you cannot eat whatever, whenever. Hunger is just a state of mind and food is always treated as


Who would you like to say thank you ?
I would like to thank my wife for being there for me through the good and bad times. Paul Jayilian for his undeniable faith and efforts he put into me. He is definitely a world class coach. Posing Coach – Callum Hinze, he is fantastic at what he does.
Supps 24/7 Crew for always pumping me up and being there when I needed a chat... (Sunny, Pete, Gill).

what is your next plan?
Next is to put some more muscle on, I have room to grow in my weight class. 2023 is going to be an even better year. Although 2022 has been very successfu.

Will you be competing overseas any time soon?
If the opportunity presented itself I wouldn’t knock it back.

What kind of training you prefer?
I prefer High Intensity weight training, although I did develop a love hate relationship with the stepper during prep.

What message you would like to give to new Athletes ?
Prepare yourself mentally, do your research to make sure you understand what you willbe facing. Most of the battle is psychological and many are not ready for it. Most importantly, maintain healthy communication and relationships with family. They may not understand everything but they are you number one support.

What type of supplement do you prefer during comp and on off season ?
I use Creatine year round, pre workout to push me that extra. Whey Protein to help hit protein targets and make delicious snacks. Super greens to keep nutrients high when dieting is important to me.


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