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Lower Back during Exercise

by gagan bajwa 19 Apr 2020

Many runners experience back pain, especially lower back pain, because of the repetitive stress and impact running puts on the body for a significant duration of time. If all of the bones in the vertebrae and the other vertebral articulations in the spine are functioning well, then your back has no problems. It’s when these vertebrae are aggravated that causes the pain.

In addition, one key to lower back health is the pelvis. The sacroiliac (or SI) joints move well in a normal running gait, but if the SI joints are not moving well, it can add wear and tear to the lower back area.

If you already have lower back pain, running may exacerbate it. Lower back pain is common among new runners or runners who have taken some time off and come back too strong and too quickly.

Identifying Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

Muscle-related pain occurs on either side of the lower part of your spine. You’ll know you have it if you feel spasms or feel pain on one side of your spine or the other, especially when you twist or move.

Bone-related pain feels like general achiness throughout the entire area of your lower back. If you’re over 65, chances are that you’re experiencing arthritic back pain, which is when your bones rub together because you’ve lost the cushion between them, adds Metzl.

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain

Muscle-related back pain happens when the muscles that surround your back—your core, hips, glutes, and hamstrings—aren’t strong, which forces your back muscles to pick up the slack. “If you have weak hip and gluteal muscles, for example, as they become fatigued during a run, your lower back is forced to work harder to keep you upright and stable, and you become vulnerable to injury

Gaining weight

If you sitting at home and not doing exercises for a while you Will notice a bit extra stress on your joints when you Start running or exercise. Your joints not been working out for a while and all of sudden you start giving them extra stress and you will notive there will be extra stress on your joints . You will your back is getting tight and cause inflamation around lower back .

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